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It’s easy to forget that a motorhome service and MOT need to be done annually. Here at Redvers Services we have highly qualified and experienced technicians, who can ensure that your motorhome is in healthy, road-worthy working order at all times.

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Whether your motorhome is used regularly or very occasionally an annual service is always beneficial, as they can help find and prevent any problems such as damp. An annual motorhome service will thoroughly test and check the following:

We also offer habitation services which ensure that your motorhome is safe to live in, this includes a damp test and thoroughly checking furniture condition and operation. If you’re unsure what service your Motorhome needs not to worry as our highly qualified staff can help you find the suitable option.

Habitation Service includes the following:

  • Gas systems including; a gas leak check, appliances, regulator,  gas cylinder, hoses and gas dispersal vents
  • Electric System including; sockets, pin plugs and cables, road lights & reflectors, battery (if applicable), wiring earths & earth bonding, RCD unit, interior lighting and more
  • Water system including; pump & pressure switch, taps, filter & housing, water tanks (if applicable), drain down, toilet check and more
  • Fire & Safety including; smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher date (if applicable), fire blanket housing (if applicable)
  • Bodywork including; doors, roof, windows, grab handles, floor, number plate, furniture, blinds & fly screens and damp test.

Redvers Services also offer winter care checks, accident repair, accessories and modification installation, general repair, MOT’s, mechanical checks, warranty repairs and valeting.

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